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Our Services

Chiropractic: The art and science of spinal realignment by hand releasing pressure from the spinal joints, nerves, and muscles resulting in pain relief performed by a licensed physician.

Medicine: The art and science of diagnosis of various conditions. Treatment with pharmacologic medicine generally by referral used to decrease pain, decrease muscle spasm, and decrease inflammation.

X-rays: 2 dimension views of the body structures

Examination: Neuro-nerve, musculo-muslce, skeletal-bone, and joint

School Sport Physicals, Workers’ Compensation Exam & Treatment, Auto Accident Exam & Treatment

Therapy: (performed by a licensed physician and/or assistant)

Physiotherapy (provided by assistants under licensed physician): Modalities that produce therapeutic effects.

Moist Heat: Used to decrease muscle tension. Deep heat to sooth the joints and relax muscle.

Cryotherapy: Ice/cold agent used to decrease pain, decrease inflammation. Assist in healing.

Ultrasound: Ultrasonic waves designed to decrease muscle spasm, decrease inflammation and break up fibrous scar tissue.

Stone Massage: Placement of hot stones on the body, as well as massage with stones. Designed to relax muscle, decrease pain, increase circulation, decrease pain, and increase energy.

Reflexology: Acupuncture/acupressure points on the hands, feet, and ears designed to influence balance to the body systems.

Massage Therapy: Designed to relax muscles spasms decrease pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood and lymph circulation resulting in increased energy and decreased pain.

Deep Muscle (Tissue): Deep pressure with hands, elbows, and forearms designed to decrease muscle spasm, decrease pain, increase energy, and increase circulation.

Circulation/Lymphatic: Gentle soft effleurage (stroking) of the musculature to increase blood flow and increase lymph flow resulting in healing.

Shiatsu/Acupressure Pressure Point: Deep pressure directed at acupressure points to decrease pain, decrease spasm, increase circulation, increase energy, and increase healing.

Petri sage: Deep kneading of muscle to decrease spasm and decrease pain.

Tapotment: Percussive massage designed to invigorate and increase energy flow, increase blood flow, and decrease pain.

Therapeutic Exercise:

Kinetic Ball: Exercise with a ball designed to strengthen weak muscle, increase balance, and increase energy.

Isometric Resistance Bands: Resistance exercise with therapeutic elastic bands designed to strengthen and tone muscle and increase energy. Back exercises – McKenzie-extension exercise to increase strengthening muscle tone. Williams-Flexion to exercises increase muscle strengthening.

Electric Myostimulation: Used to relax muscle spasms, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and increase circulation.

Muscular Stretches: Designed to elongate shortened muscles, decrease spasm, decrease pain, and increase circulation.

Trigger Point Therapy: Direct pressure designed to release muscular tension and decrease pain.

Power Plate: Power Plate’s technology has been proclaimed as “One of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning.” (Muscle & Fitness, April 2003). It is safe, easy and effective for anyone to use.

Diagnostic Testing: (by Referral)

NCV: Nerve conduction velocity designed to test for nerve damage.

EMG: Electromyograph testing muscle for damage created by lack of nerve flow.

EEG: Electroencephalograph tests brain function.

EKG: Electrocardiogram tests of heart cardiovascular function.

MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging designed to get a 3-D image of body structure.

CT: Computer tomography designed to get a 3-D view of the body.

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